DRXVM TRVP (prod. PRVDVNA & DwenyDwen)

from by hqa



Too nice


i'm a space invader
black emperor
won't do the speed maths now
so calculater
it seems i'm from the future
so smell you later
vader can't destroy this crater
i'm immune to any laser
i'm a profit raker
garden/guardin' the greens
shakin' hands with da guvernor
of love and playa haters
shout out to dave chapelle number one comic creator
explore later
inter-galactic procrastinator
shoot pink candy lasers
call me major flavour
i'm post hardcore on shrooms call me fugazer
no fuck no shit no bad words a nice hazer
if you think you vague think again i'm much much vaguer
vaguer than a the non-smoky smoke of a vaper
inactive b-ball player l.a.z.y. laker
nice in real life, even nicer on paper
huckyea spell it out hater

i ain't no operator
smooth like a fader
touched by an engineer
fingering da console
i ain't no conversator
but you got me talkin'
and you got me walkin'
despite the gout
without a doubt
the best i ever had
no kicks, all love, no tricks
bona fide, no fake
i wanna colonize your fate
drug heaven mug paradise
and thow it your way
it's final i'm out of me zone
ya cheekbones got me stoned
you gon' make the man in me
be dylan/dealin' with the world
watch out earth
i'm finna wyle out
with my spine out
the time's now
i'm lame but i gotta get my rhyme out
i love it when we drive out
stop randomly and then dine out

inactive activist
i'm a full-time pacifist no fightin' passive fist
no skypin' whatsapp it is sonic foundry acid is
my fave music software in the whole pacific
i've got gassy tits stop harassin it
or i'll blacken your whole view like a crass eclipse
can't smoke this grass with me i'm grass elites


from baguvix, released December 15, 1991
Produced by PRVDVNA & DwenyDwen



all rights reserved


hqa UK

Rhymes TYPE SLUTTY - Old School, Rappity Rap, Dipset Swaggy, Hardcore, Real Trap Shit, Damn Son Where’d You Find That?, Squadda, Based, Wavy, #ETC #RARE vocals on a mix of instrumentals influenced by the movie Clueless, conducted mainly by primary source of beats - Cassette Depp and other Beat Lords with a Blood In Blood Out mentality... ... more

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